Southern clams should export clams to Chennai as the population demands high quality food sources that are free of polutants. Indian people do eat clams apart of their diet, along with many other shelfish, however Southern Clams are able to provide better quality. Because India does struggles water pollution, this is the perfect place for... Continue Reading →


Standardisation ​Vs Customisation

Standardisation vs Customisation, is what every product or marketing campaign must consider before entering an external market.     Customisation Customising is when a product is edited to suit a specific market, this means that the product will fit better with the market. Doing this takes a considerable amount of reserach and is expensive. doing this allows for... Continue Reading →

Market Entry Methods

When taking into consideration the size and scale of Chennai compared to the rest of New Zealand we need to think of the best option for New Zealand Clams. Clams would be a very specific market, as we would have high costs getting them to India, thus meaning we would need to find a niche market.... Continue Reading →

Cultural Challenges

In order for Southern Clams to be able to sell clams to Indian retsurants and neiche supermarkest they will need to understand the following cultural challenges, not only at the negotiating stage but also later on in the relationship. Concept of Time Som3ything that will have to be addressed will be the concept of  time,... Continue Reading →

Indian Culture

Indian Culture is very diverse and colourful this is due to the countries share size and enormous population. Giving way to many religious celebrations that showcase the vibrant colours of India. Indian Culture goes back 5000 years making one of the oldest cultures that still exists in the world, sense why it has such a large... Continue Reading →

Indian Culture Comparison

When using Geert Hofstede's cultural dimensions model you really get to see the differences between India and New Zealand.  We can see that power distance is large compared to New Zealand, this means that people accept the idea of in equality. Rich and poor people don't mix as you see in slums. While in the... Continue Reading →

Chennai Demographics

Who are the people that live in Chennai, we really need to know because if we don't we will definitely struggle to sell clams at all. People in Chennai are used to Western Culture from the British colonial days which can be still seen today. Many people speak English, so much so that its used... Continue Reading →

Chennai Economy

The Chennai local Economy ranges between the 4th to 6th largest economies of India, the total GDP has averaged to $60 Billion US. Chennai is also becoming a software city, as many companies such as Orcal, Adobe and AT&T are setting up offices. Having a large industry like this means that the population needs to... Continue Reading →

Who Lives In India?

1.28 Billion people live in India, it's almost hard to comprehend at how many people that is. Within the next five years India is expected to become the largest population, surpassing china, this will also mean that they will be the first nation to have 1.5 Billion inhabitants. India has around two thousand different ethnic... Continue Reading →

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