Indian Culture Comparison

When using Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions model you really get to see the differences between India and New Zealand. Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.47.03 AM.png

We can see that power distance is large compared to New Zealand, this means that people accept the idea of in equality. Rich and poor people don’t mix as you see in slums. While in the business world Information flows down from the boss to the subordinate, not up. compared to New Zealand information flows in both directions freely as both parties rely on each other.

You also see that Kiwi’s are a lot more are more individual as we are encouraged to leave home at 18, we live apart from our parents and grandparents. However, Indians prefer to live together and have a sense of community within there family.

Masculinity scores both Kiwi’s and Indians fairly even, we both are relativity competitive in the way we live success is celebrated and rewarded.

Uncertainty avoidance is something New Zealanders are happy with but at the same time not, hence the score of 49. While Indians are only 9 points less, they also feel like us but possibly more strongly about the here and now. While still they are more long term orientated compared to kiwi’s.

Lastly we have Indulgent, we all know that kiwi’s would rather be anywhere else but work, whether it be at the beach, in the shops or at home. We like to harder than we work to put it simply, we all have enjoyed passed times hiking or boating in the lakes during the summer. While Indians are very much more resulted when it comes to splashing out on and indulging in leisure time.


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