Cultural Challenges

In order for Southern Clams to be able to sell clams to Indian retsurants and neiche supermarkest they will need to understand the following cultural challenges, not only at the negotiating stage but also later on in the relationship.

Concept of Time

Som3ything that will have to be addressed will be the concept of  time, this is very importantc as clamd have a sexperation date. If the clams arent taken through  customs fast and delivered to the destination quicky it takes away the fresh qaulity of the clams. This is a  major problem as many indian people follow a polychronic culture.

Adherance to rules

Following rules and reglations is what makes Southern Clams of a high quality, they make sure they are taking  healthy clams. If rules like expirey dates aren’t adhered to then people would get food poising, resulting in a damaged image for Sothern clams.

Trust Building

buklidng trust will be the first issue southern clams will face, if they can’t build trust/relationships they will not be able to sucessfully enter the Chennai clam market. Many Indian people prefer to work on the rekationship first, rather than working to grow the business at first. This could be a issue beacuse people from New Zealand generally prefer to carry out business fast.








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