Standardisation ​Vs Customisation

Standardisation vs Customisation, is what every product or marketing campaign must consider before entering an external market.




Customising is when a product is edited to suit a specific market, this means that the product will fit better with the market. Doing this takes a considerable amount of reserach and is expensive. doing this allows for a must better intergration of the porduct into the choosen market, as often western customs are rude or arnt translated correctly. The most famous example of customistaion is when Coca Cola changed to Chinese characters and with a stroke of luck came up with “refreshing and delicious”, which fits perfectly in there marketing mix. Customising can be as simple as changing a colour, or more complex like McDonalds not selling beef in india, opting for a more chicken and vegetarian menu. Doing so will create less waste and optimise sales.


Standarsiation allows for a strong international message, that gives the same message throughout the world. This method is much cheaper compared to Customisation, due to the fact that less resources are consumed to standardise the products. Car parts are often standardised alowing for a seamless movement around the world.  This allows for the parts to be used in many different car types. The same idea can be applyed to Southern Clams, as in India the clams will be sent to Supermarkets and restuarants, in chilled box’s to be either sold fresh in the supermarket or in resturant cusine.



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