Southern clams should export clams to Chennai as the population demands high quality food sources that are free of polutants. Indian people do eat clams apart of their diet, along with many other shelfish, however Southern Clams are able to provide better quality. Because India does struggles water pollution, this is the perfect place for Southern Clams to target. New Zealand is known for being “100% pure”, being clean, thus giving the image of clean water in which the clams thrive in.  Having this provides a healthier clam, that is also bigger but tastier, all for a cheaper price.

Southern clams face three main cultural issues that include Indian peoples concepts of time being much more relaxed that New Zealanders. Adherance to rules and regualtion, somthing that will have to be made extremely clear to follow them. And finally trust building, New Zealand is known for its ease of doing business, India is not, they should be patient.

Standardising the chilled boxes the clams come in to include English and India’s main languages for both markets. The chilled boxes will never make it to the comsumer as the clams will be surved in returants or fresh from the supermarket deli.

Using an in market distributor will allow for Southern Clams to sell their product to the distributor, with lower risk. Doing this means that Southern Clams carries less risk, is able to move product into Chennai quickly and cheaply.

Upon doing this reserach I feel that Southern Clams should make regular trips to India to make sure that customers are satisfied with the product. Doing this will maintain the trust that is needed to keep the business relationship, which should also show control, meaing adgerance to rules.


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