The Indian Economy

According to Focus Economics, India is a up and coming, if not world leading economy. However its vast growth has been slowed due to the Government tightening up fiscal spending and entering a demonetizination period. This has seen the economies GDP slow by upwards of 3.2%, leading to massive cash shortages. For what India lacks,... Continue Reading →


How much its going to cost to live

How much will it really cost to live in Chennai for 13 days, a lot less than in New Zealand for sure. We have to take into account the exchange rate from NZD's to the Indian Rupee which was at $1 NZD is equal to 47.99 Rs at the time of writing this blog post.... Continue Reading →

Where to stay when I get to India

Like me you probably want to stay somewhere that is central and has air conditioning! So I've chosen to stay at the Hilton hotel in Chennai (16th September till 1st October), this means that you can be assured you will get "western 5 star" comfort. I've chosen to book a king size executive suite that... Continue Reading →

How to get to India from Dunedin

I will be taking a 13 day trip to Chennai allowing for 2 days of transit. but first you'll need to sort a work visa, you can do this here at ¬†immigration it will cost $87 US. For flightsI suggest flying Business Class with Singapore Airlines. I'm suggesting this because it splits the trip nicely... Continue Reading →

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